The solutions offered by the ManyWays corporate are based on an over twenty years of experience in the healthcare sector, combining the applications of the most up-to-date technological solutions to the satisfaction of the administrative needs and clinical operators involved in the processes.

Particular attention is reserved to the creation of highly flexible and personalized solutions, as well as to the optimization processes of the available resources (saturation and allocation of beds, surgery rooms, outpatient agendas, diagnostic resources), supporting the management of that resources in a contest of a continuous increase on the demand for health services.


The ManyWays corporate provides support in the automation of processes that revolve around the perimeter of the energy.

These solutions are concerning energy saving, energy management, procurement and management of communications with the energy company, as well as the integration and supply of services through the main market operators.

The ManyWays corporate implements out-of-the-box services for the automated management of both the back office and the multi-utility front office, improving the production and the quality of the services offered.


In the general context of the services offered, the relationships established with the Public Authority also concern the creation of solutions based on technical and functional specifications of the client, which are also made available to other public company by publication on the National Register, managed by Agency for Digital of Italy Government (AGID).

This kind of solutions created by the ManyWays corporate belong to the administrative area, and therefore can be used by reusability in the most plural sectors in which Public Authority offers services.


The ManyWays Corporate develops tailor-made solutions for the most important national players, to whom it offers infrastructure design services and development with mixed or outsourced teams.

The experience of our teams allows us to create highly reliable solutions, ensuring continuity of service in mission critical contexts.

The up-to-date technologies enable our customers to engage the market by having the guarantee of a technological support which allows to reserve themselves more effectively to their business.


The ManyWays corporate offers specific support in application cyber security, providing:

  • code analysis services;
  • code review;
  • penetration test;

This support helps companies and Public Authorities implementing infrastructures for the development of high quality secure code, following the customers and their developers in the creation of secure 'by designs' solutions.


ManyWays is a corporate made by people who have a ten plus years of professional experience in the computing process into healthy, energy, public administration, cyber security and management of updated technologies by using property and open source platform.

Our team is powered by skill figures who have been Top Managers in large companies operating in these same sectors, or have acquired important know-how on processes and requirements, continuing to support leading market players.

Due to this background, ManyWays corporate is able to provide a full service, from the interpretation of customer needs and requirements to the translation into IT solutions, ensuring a performing service and maintenance service (even for the first level support for high complex companies).

Our high profile developer team is able to develop, maintain and manage web applications even for large companies.

The ManyWays corporate is the union beetwen different skills and the equal approach to the market. This synthesis has already produced, since the establishment of ManyWays in 2018, a significant increase in turnover and corporate capitalization, with a further growth trend starting from the first quarter of 2019.

This set of skills and resources allows the ManyWays corporate to approach the market in a structured way, proposing itself as a solid technological partner towards primary customers.


ManyWays S.r.l.

PIVA/CF 01764390090

Registered office

Via Famagosta 3A, 17100 Savona, Italy

Share capital

420.000,00 Euro i.v.